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    Treat Your Body To A Summer Mojito – Recipe Included

    Summer is here! I can’t think of a better way to beat the heat than with a nice, refreshing summer mojito. It turns out this summer treat isn’t just good for the taste buds. It’s even good for your body as well! Back by popular demand, clients can now enjoy a Summer Mojito Body Scrub...
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    Prenatal Massage at Trinity Massage Haven

    Prenatal massage is my specialty. As a prenatal massage therapist, I have taken extra training to provide the safest and most comfortable massage available during your pregnancy. I’ve also been practicing prenatal massage for ten years and counting. Here is a snapshot of what to expect in one of my prenatal massage treatments. What to expect:...
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    Should I take off my underwear?

    So you have never had a massage before, and you are wondering “what should I wear to my massage appointment?” or ” do I take off my underwear?” You may not know what the procedure is for a massage session, what to ask, or if you should be clothed. Massage therapist answers these questions all...
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    Using My Online Booking System

    I have had my online booking option for a few years now. I have had awesome feedback about how convenient it is for many my clients. I decided to write about the benefits of having it for you (the client) to book online. Available 24/7 The best thing about having an online schedule integrated into my...
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    When is it safe to get a prenatal massage

    Is it safe to receive a massage in the 1st Trimester?  You may have if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant you should not receive a massage in your first three months of being pregnant.  Many license massage therapists will not provide pregnancy massages during the first trimester. Many spas and licensed massage therapist may ask that you...
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    Where is Trinity Massage Haven Located?

    Whenever people ask me ” so what do you do”  the next question that follows is usually “ is your massage place in your home?” Although that would be the most excellent option for a mom of 3 kids (17, 10 and 8 years old) to work from a home office, my home does not...
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    Ask your Doc before taking pain pills

    Ask your Doc before taking pain pills Oh yes, the pregnancy aches and pains are a part of the process. Just because they are common doesn’t mean that you have to suffer through them. Though you may be apt to take some medication or feel destined to live the next nine months with pain and...
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    How Can Prenatal Massage Benefit Pregnant Moms

    Are you Pregnant and Hurting? Wondering what do pregnant moms do to relieve their Lower Back Pains, Stiff Neck & Swollen Feet? Eleanor Dukes, Solo-preneur of Trinity Massage Haven is a licensed Massage Therapist, providing relief to your pregnant belly, lower back pains and tired feet. Most Pregnant women use Massage as a natural pain...