Oncology Massage

Is Oncology Massage safe?

The answer is YES!

It was once believed that massage could cause cancer to metastasize (grow and spread). Nonetheless, the more I’ve learn about cancer, the more clearly I’ve understand the safety and benefits of properly adapted massage therapy for people living with cancer.

Oncology Massage is the adjustment of massage approaches in order to safely work with the effect of cancer and cancer treatment, and includes people in active treatment, those in recovery or survivorship, as well as those at the end of life.

This comfort-oriented massage is tailored for each individual by including various adjustments, such as type of pressure, length of session, positioning, and avoidance of affected areas in the body. In addition, side effects from medications and treatments are taken into account so that a safe and beneficial massage can be given.

Since cancer and cancer treatments often affect the entire body, leaving the person in a fragile condition, massage is an excellent way to provide relief and comfort to promote the patients general wellbeing.

Benefits of Massage for patients or survivors of cancer:
•   Reduce anxiety
•   Improve sleep
•   Decrease sense of isolation
•   Increase feelings of well being
•   Reduce the perception of pain
•   Improve quality of life
•   Increase alertness and mental clarity
•   Reduce nausea
•   Brings a pleasant distraction

For the cancer patient in the active fight of their life, massage can be a welcomed relief to the trials of radiation, chemotherapy, or recovery from surgery.

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There are many massage therapists that are not prepared to responsibly work with the patient or survivor of Cancer. Eleanor Dukes Licensed Massage Therapist at Trinity Massage Haven not only have the training in Oncology Massage but also has the experience serving survivors, people in active cancer treatment as well as hospice care. If you would like more information about massage for cancer patients, you can call Eleanor at 267-5843015. If you are ready to scheduled your appointment you can do so via the book now link or call.