Prenatal Massage

Massage is not only a safe way to relieve common discomforts associated with pregnancy, it’s also incredibly beneficial to both mother and child. During a prenatal massage, the strokes and positioning are adjusted for maximum comfort, allowing soon-to-be-moms to reap the full benefit of the massage.

Some of the benefits of a therapeutic maternity massage include, but are not limited to:

  • Help mom reach her due date with less anxiety, as well as less physical discomfort
  • Increases circulation and decreased swelling in feet and ankles
  • Enhances sleep quality and overall relaxation
  • Reduces pain usually found in the lower back, hips, and pelvis
  • Easing labor by preparing the muscles for release and support during childbirth
  • Alleviates prenatal depression in both parents
  • Significantly shortens labor

Lessening these discomforts helps to reduce stress and physical discomfort, moms to be can focus solely on the excitement of their new pregnancy!

Swedish massage is the recommended prenatal massage method during pregnancy. The Swedish technique is preferred because it addresses many common discomforts associated with the skeletal and circulatory changes brought on by hormone shifts during pregnancy. Some Deep Tissue can be done, Trigger Points and safe stretching can minimize stress on the weight bearing structures like the sacral joints, lumbar spine hips and pelvis.

Each pregnancy is distinct, requiring each massage treatment to differ. The key objective is physical relief of discomfort, emotional support, reassurance, pampering, as well as encouragement. Becoming a mom is a natural, transformative, difficult, amazing transition.

Massage during pregnancy just flat out feels good.
But beyond the physical gain, there are many benefits therapeutic touch can provide-to both mother and child. A study conducted by Dr. Tiffany Field at the University of Miami School of Medicine showed that massage actually reduces stress hormones in the body.

Therapeutic Touch is vital to the mother’s physical and emotional well-being as she adapts to her transformation during pregnancy. Therapeutic Massage given to a pregnant woman provides a calming sense of confidence, which in turn nurtures the new life that is growing with her. A pregnant woman’s body is challenged, changed and stressed in many different ways – dedicated attention helps regain any assurance that may have been lost in the process.

And it’s not just about prenatal soothing – massage also relieves many of the discomforts experienced immediately after birth, helping to return a mother’s body to its pre-pregnancy state.

This knowledge comes first hand, and I am happy to spread such optimism. I am a mother myself, with a full understanding of sudden nausea, frequent bathroom breaks, and other issues that are unique to your situation. If your OB has ordered you to bed rest, your doctor’s written permission will be needed before a massage treatment.

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