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    My 2008 Pregnant Belly Walmart Episode

    It was December of 2008, and my daughter was due any day. I was at Walmart getting a newborn medical kit with the suction bulb for stuffy noses and an extra bottle of Mylicon Infant Gas Drops. I waited in line patiently with my hand on my low back swaying to relieve pressure off my hips...
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    I Gotchu Pumpkin Spice Haters.

    When I created my Summer Mojito Exfoliating Scrub in August, everyone that came in for their summer massage treat wanted to upgrade their service with a Summer Mojito and got naturally drunk off of increased endorphin levels. My massage room smelled of lime and mint goodness with tropical music in the background. If you didn’t...
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    Oh Baby! I learned Prenatal Thai Massage

    If you have no idea what Thai Massage is then Prenatal Thai Massage is not even on your radar. But, It’s not a new at all it’s been around for years. Most people have heard of Thai Massage but have no clue can be on Pregnant women also. My friend and massage instructor Vanessa messaged me...
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    I’m so OVER SUMMER!

    I’m so over SUMMER! Can you believe your massage therapist who was born and raised on a tropical Island is over summer? However, I am over the moon happy because my three kids are back in school. They were sick and tired of me being around, making them do chores and special projects. I’m especially...
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    Treat Your Body To A Summer Mojito – Recipe Included

    Summer is here! I can’t think of a better way to beat the heat than with a nice, refreshing summer mojito. It turns out this summer treat isn’t just good for the taste buds. It’s even good for your body as well! Back by popular demand, clients can now enjoy a Summer Mojito Body Scrub...
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    Prenatal Massage at Trinity Massage Haven

    Prenatal massage is my specialty. As a prenatal massage therapist, I have taken extra training to provide the safest and most comfortable massage available during your pregnancy. I’ve also been practicing prenatal massage for ten years and counting. Here is a snapshot of what to expect in one of my prenatal massage treatments. What to expect:...
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    Should I take off my underwear?

    So you have never had a massage before, and you are wondering “what should I wear to my massage appointment?” or ” do I take off my underwear?” You may not know what the procedure is for a massage session, what to ask, or if you should be clothed. Massage therapist answers these questions all...
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    Using My Online Booking System

    I have had online booking option for a few years now. But recently I changed to another company that is a more secure site and has better features. Vagaro allows me to keep track of packages and gift certificates, write newsletters, store credit cards, process credit cards as well as make reminder notes on the...