Prenatal Massage

Massage during pregnancy just feels good!

Pregnancy should be a time of happiness and excitement as you await the arrival of your new baby.  The reality is each trimester brings with it a whole new set of discomforts. 

1st Trimester: During the first trimester, mom is overcoming fatigue, morning sickness, and anxiety for what’s to come.  This is just the beginning of your prenatal journey.

2nd Trimester: The second trimester brings on the pain!  Back and hip pains are very common complaints.  If that weren’t enough, your breasts begin to swell as they prepare to nurture your baby. 

3rd Trimester: The third trimester is the home stretch, both figurate and literal.  Many moms experience swollen feet and ankles.  Along with that comes pain in the lower extremities due to your body preparing itself for childbirth.

Regardless of where you’re at in your pregnancy, massage helps lessen the discomfort that comes with each trimester.  This knowledge comes first hand as both a trained prenatal massage therapist and a mother myself.   I have a full understanding of sudden nausea, frequent bathroom breaks and other issues that are unique to your situation. 

The best part is it’s not just about prenatal soothing.  Massage relieves many of the discomforts experienced immediately after birth and helps return a mother’s body back to its pre-pregnancy state!

Your prenatal wellness massage sessions should follow your OB appointments – increasing the frequency further along into your pregnancy.  Trinity Massage Haven makes investing in your prenatal wellness simple.

Prenatal Wellness Packages

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One Trimester.......3-one-hour massage gift certificates $282 ($15 off) reg price $297

Two Trimesters......6-one-hour massage gift certificates $574  ($20 off) reg price $594

Three Trimesters.. 9-one-hour massage gift certificates $866  ($25 off) reg price $891