Seasonal Offer

Thai Herbal Ball

90-Minutes Detoxifying Thai Herbal Ball Massage  ~ $129

Detoxifying Thai Herbal Ball Massage are warm bundles of herbs used to massage the body.

It combines the benefits of heat, with a blend of Thai and Indian detoxifying and healing herbs.

You will take the two bundles home to finish your treatment.

This is the last chance to purchase Thai Herbal Ball Massage before it is retired from my list of services

90 Minutes Spa-Liday Massage TREATment ~ $120

Designed to ease you into the holiday spirit. This delicious, relaxing massage includes:

* Organic Vegan Arnica Oil

* Warm Neck Wrap

* Charcoal and Rose Sugar Foot Scrub

* Eco-Fin Hand Treatment ( Eco-Friendly Paraffin Alternative)