Sports Massage

Who Can Benefit?
Sports massage is beneficial when an athlete is in training for an event. It’s also helpful for anyone who often stretch their physical limits through movement. Swimmers, weight lifters, runners, golfers, ball players, skaters, dancers, tennis players, musicians, and boxers, as well as weekend warriors and those who practice strength training or aerobics, have benefited from sports massage.


  •  Improve: circulation to bring fresh oxygenated blood to injured tissue, thus providing a prime state of fuel, flexibility and relaxation.
  • Reduce: Muscle soreness and chronic strain therefore allowing a faster return to maximum training levels
  • Provide: a mental boost to the athlete consistent with his/her commitment to peak performance.

Pre-sport Event: A quick treatment (rhythmic pumping) is a supplement to warm-up. It calms nervous tension, increase your circulation and flexibility, and leave your muscles resilient and ready for maximum output.

Pre-event massage can help prevent muscle and tendon injuries and reduce the strain and discomfort of training. It also can be a great psychological advantage in competition.

Post-sport Event: After a hard session you need a massage that will increase your circulation to speed the up recovery time of fatigue muscles, relieve your muscle spasms and prevent/minimize soreness. Sports Massage is used to assist athletes in regaining their pre-event condition by relaxing tight, fatigued muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Inter and Intra-Event: Sports Massage is given between events to help athletes recover from prior activity and prepare for and upcoming one. (Massage for Triathlons athletes)

Why Is Sports Massage Recommended? Sports massage is more than just a reward at the end of a workout. It is a vital tool for keeping athletes primed for top performance and even lengthening their careers. Recognized as an important part of a regular maintenance program, sports massage is widely used by individuals, teams, and Olympic and professional athletes.

What Areas Will Be Massaged? Sports massage may focus on specific muscles used in your sport or fitness activity. For example, areas of greater stress for runners and cyclists are the legs and lower back; for swimmers, the upper body.

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