Warm Bamboo Fusion

Bamboo Fusion is a new, relaxing form of massage that combines the techniques of Swedish Massage and the benefits of soothing heat with the invigorating energy of bamboo. The bamboo is heated with an electric pad and used to literally roll and knead away the aches and pains of everyday stress.

The benefits of Bamboo Fusion Massage include:

  • Extreme satisfaction of relaxation and wellbeing
  • Relieves tightness in muscles and tendons
  • Regenerates and revitalizes tired aching muscles
  • Skin feels more supple
  • Allows for a safer and effective deep tissue massage
  • Relaxes the body and mind

Bamboo Fusion Massage is ideal for those wanting to try something new, invigorating, and deeply relaxing. If you like deep tissue massage, you’re going to love this modality.